Missouri Military Bases

Military Bases in Missouri | Missouri Military Bases

Missouri is home to one large army base, Fort Leonard Wood, as well as various other military centers.

Whiteman Air Force Base

Whiteman Air Force Base is located in Knob Knoster, Missouri which is approximately 60 miles southeast of Kansas City, Missouri in rural Johnson County. The base is home to 3800 active duty military and 5000 family members. The base employs 902 civilian workers. The 509th Bomb Wing is housed at Whiteman and is responsible for operating and maintaining the B-2 bomber plane. The base is a joint tenant facility with military members from the Army, Navy and Air Force. In addition, the base also serves as home to the Missouri Army National Guard’s 1/135th Aviation Battalion and the Navy Reserve’s Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 114.

Fort Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood is a large Army training post located in the heart of the Ozark region in the state of Missouri. The nearest cities are Waynesville, Missouri and St. Robert, Missouri in Pulaski County. Waynesville has a population of 3507 and is situated on historic Route 66. St. Roberts has a population of 2760 and is considered to be the shopping district for the area. Both cities co-own and operate the regional airport which is located on Fort Leonard Wood and is the only available air field in the region. Fort Leonard Wood has 63,000 acres and covers 98 square miles. The remote rural location is ideal for a training post and offers many rugged acres suitable for field training, but the remoteness has earned Fort Leonard Wood the nickname of “Fort Lost in the Woods of Misery”.

Camp Clark

Camp Clark is a 456-bed military training facility spread over 1,300 acres. Primarily used to train Missouri National Guard Soldiers over drill weekends and annual training, the site is also used as a mobilization site for deploying Soldiers and Airmen.


Marine Corps Mobilization Command is the general and most important branch operated by the United States Marine Corps Reserves. The installation is relatively new in the armed military. It showed up in 2004, after the Reserve Support Command was fully restructured and got a brand new face. The whole change was over in 2005. These days, the MC Reserves represents the widest command in the Marine Corps. The headquarters itself hosts not less than 40,000 individuals and close to 200 centers spread around the United States of America.