Offutt Air Force Base

Offutt Air Force Base is home to the “Fighting fifty-fifth” wing and is located in southeastern Nebraska, just a few miles from Omaha. Part of the 55th wing units include the contracting squadron, mission support group, wing chapel, wing law center and medical group. The U.S. Strategic Command, Air Force Weather Agency, and Air Combat Command (ACC) are all housed at Offut AFB. Every branch of the military is represented at Offutt and it’s seen as one of the cutting-edge air force bases. The 55 WG mission provides the leadership for the ACC and involves fighter planes with intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance; electronic attack; command and control; and precision awareness.

Offutt has been around since before WWI and was named after WWI pilot Lt. Jarvis Offutt (a Nebraska native) in 1924. What makes Offutt famous, in addition to its cutting-edge advancements and WG 55, is its history of plane construction and role in U.S. wars. The first two bombers to drop the atomic bombs in WW2 were from Offut. Offutt was also a command center during the Cold War.

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Living near Offutt Air Force Base

If you’re wanting to settle down in the Nebraska area, there are many communities near Offut Air Force Base. Just learn how to chant “Go Big Red” as you look for houses since the entire state roots on the Cornhuskers – the team from the University of Nebraska located in Lincoln. Although we’re based out of Kansas City, we’re VA loan specialists and can help you settle into life near Offutt. As you begin your search, here are some communities near the base:

  • Omaha (13 miles away)
  • Plattsmouth (9 miles away)
  • Elkhorn (29 miles away)
  • Nebraska City (33 miles away)