McConnell Air Force Base

McConnell Air Force Base is near Wichita, KS, which is in the southeastern area of the state. The base began in 1924 and was later named in honor Fred and Thomas McConnell, pilots and World War II veterans from Wichita. The 22nd refueling wing is housed at McConnell AFB (since 1996), as well as the 22nd maintenance group, medical group, mission support group and operations group.The base is one out of three supertanker KC-135 Stratotanker wings. The Air Force Reserve Command’s 931st Air Refueling Group (931 ARG) and the Kansas Air National Guard’s 184th Intelligence Wing (184 IW) are also at McConnell. McConnell AFB is one location the Air Force uses to conduct global research by refueling and airlift.

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Living near McConnell AFB

If you’re stationed at McConnell AFB for at least three years or more, buying a home near the base might make sense for you. Especially if you are eligible for a VA loan. As the largest city in Kansas, Wichita has great amenities for many who prefer life in the city. It’s less than four hours south of Kansas City and north of Oklahoma City. If you want to buy a house near McConnell, here are a few nearby communities:

  • Haysville (9 miles from McConnell AFB)
  • Andover (15 miles from McConnell AFB)
  • Park City (14 miles from McConnell AFB)
  • El Dorado (29 miles from McConnell AFB)