Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth is has been in operation for over 180 years and is located in northeastern Kansas in Leavenworth, KS. It’s known as the Intellectual Center of the Army. It’s home to the United States Army Combined Arms Center (CAC) and the United States Army Command. The General Staff College is also at Fort Leavenworth. This center provides leadership training. It’s the oldest active Army post west of Washington D.C.

Leavenworth, KS also holds maximum security penitentiaries, including the United States Disciplinary Barracks – the only maximum security prison for members of all United States military branches. Many are stationed at Fort Leavenworth for training. Allied soldiers and officers have received graduate school degrees while at Fort Leavenworth as well as Army major training.

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Living near Fort Leavenworth

VA Loans are a great option for Fort Leavenworth soldiers who know where they’d like to settle down and purchase a home. If you’re stationed near the Fort Leavenworth base for three or more years, buying a home in this community makes sense. Plus, you can use your VA loan. If you’d like to buy a house near the base, work with us. We’re VA loan experts and licensed and knowledgeable about the Northeastern Kansas area. Come communities to consider:

  • Leavenworth, KS (City that houses the base.)
  • Lansing, KS (9 miles from the base.)
  • Platte City, MO (13 miles from the base.)
  • Weston, MO (13 miles from the base.)
  • Shawnee, KS (34 miles from the base.)