Military Bases

VA Mortgage Loan

Sometimes, it makes sense to live in government housing and on the base. Other times, it doesn’t. Whether you’re looking for a home to settle your family in or wanting to build credit and home equity while stationed at the base – we can help you buy a home with your VA mortgage loan.

Today’s housing market is full of affordable housing prices and low rates. Buying a home makes a lot of sense. You can buy a house and have a mortgage payment that equals some rent payments. In addition, if you receive BAH benefits, you could essentially have all of your living expenses covered. You can use your VA mortgage loan benefit while you are actively serving and still use it when you a honorably discharged. There is no time limits, so even if you use it while serving, you can still use it 30 years later.

Military Bases We Provide VA Mortgage Loan Support

No matter what your branch or service status our VA mortgage loan specialists are always available to assist you with a VA loan.  Below are some of the bases near our office. While we can help out anyone located in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Virginia – if you’re stationed at one of the bases below, we are not too far from you and can even meet in person if you’d like personal VA mortgage loan assistance.

Whiteman Air Force Base

Fort Riley

Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leonard Wood

Camp Clark

Offutt Air Force Base

McConnell Air Force Base

MC Mobilization Command