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VA Loan Information

VA Loan Information

VA Loan Benefits For Veterans

As a service member, whether past or present, there are many federal benefits available to you. Many government-run programs offer veterans and their families generous discounts, services and other forms of aid for a variety of needs and assistance.

Those who have served in the military at any point in their lives might be eligible for real estate benefits for veterans in for form of a VA loan. Even if you were on active duty for a matter of months many years ago, you may still have VA loan benefits available for use. VA loan benefits never expire and may be reused throughout your lifetime. They allow those who have sacrificed and risked their lives generous advantages when it comes time to plant some roots and buy a house.

VA Loan Information

  • What is a VA Loan — The basics of a VA loan and how it works.
  • VA Loan Eligibility — In order to apply for a VA loan, you must acquire a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Our VA loan specialist team can help you with that.
  • Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) — If you’re in active duty and stationed in an area without any government-provided housing, you may receive an allowance for your living costs in “civilian” areas.

Midwest VA Loans works with veterans to provide the best possible loan at the lowest rate. We love helping vets, and the joy that veterans experience once they have closed on their home is shared by all of us.

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