Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Davis Monthan Air Force Base Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Davis Monthan Air Force Base certainly produces some of the most amazing pictures of it’s 2,600 acres of storage facilities with endless row upon row of aircraft parking. However this isn’t the only operation of this base located in Tucson, AZ.

Davis Monthan AFB has proudly been the home of the 355th Contracting Squadron of the United States Air Force which maintains these massive air fields.  The base is also quite adept at training and preparing pilots to support combat operations, some of the most recent operations they have been involved in are as current as Afghanistan and Iraq.  The facility regularly trains pilots flying the A-10 Warthog and other various military fighter jets.  They also host the 55th electronic combat unit which is currently the longest running continusouly deployed group in the United States Air Force.

The base has housed over 50 different units over the life of base and currently hosts at least 11 more divisions and subdivisions along with the 355th squadron.

Davis Monthan Air Force Base is named to two fighter pilots who were considered some of the best fighter pilots during WW I, Samuel Davis and Oscar Monthan.  Both pilots were killed during seperate training exercises during the 1930’s.  When the base was first opened the airfield was owned by the municipality of Tucson and was home to the medal of honor recipient Jimmy Dolittle. You may have heard of the Dolittle raid on Tokyo in 1942 helped bolster the U.S. to continue fighting after the shock of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

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