Arizona Military Bases

Arizona Military Bases | Military Bases in Arizona

There are 7 military bases located within the state of Arizona, 3 Air Force bases, 3 Army bases, and 1 Marines Corp. base. All of the Arizona Military Bases are listed below with a summary of their activities and links for more information.

Arizona Military Bases

F-16’s Fly over Luke Air Force Base

Luke Air Force Base Air Force Base

This AFB located outside of Glendale, AZ was famous for being the training ground for the F-16 Falcon for many years, but just recently (April/May 2015) the Air Force has sent the new F-35 Lightning II there for pilot training and deployment.  Luke AFB is one of the largest Air Force Bases in the world and regularly turns out 500 trained fighter pilots a year.

Davis Monthan Air Force Base

This base has consistently been referred to ‘nothing but a storage site’ for the Air Force, but in recent years it has been a part of several counter-terrorism operations and the 355th Contracting Unit is based there.

Barry M. Goldwater Range Air Force Base

This is a live fire range base that is used for training multiple aircraft along the United States and Mexico border. The base does so much live fire training that it is in use almost all day and all night long, and is one of the first testing grounds for new technology when it comes out of Military Research and Development testing.

Camp Navajo Army Base

This base that is found just outside of Flagstaff Arizona began as a ammunition depot for World War II, but carries out duties far more important.  Camp Navajo is now one of the largest military training facilities in the U.S. and trains not only Army, but Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps as well as National Guardsmen and women.

Fort Huachucha Army Base

This Arizona Military Base is famous for housing Libby Airfield, which was a backup landing spot for the Space Shuttle (although it was never used for landing the space shuttle.) and it’s historical significance in dealing with Indian attacks from Geronimo and Pershing’s trips into Mexico to find Pancho Villa. It is now the communications and technology training center for the United States Army.

Yuma Proving Grounds

This is one of the largest military areas in the United States Armed Forces and is used for the testing of almost every kind of weapon available to our servicemen and women.  Spreading out over Yuma and La Paz counties and away from communities allows this base to test aircraft weaponry as well as ground combat weaponry.

MCAS Marine Corp. Base

This base has been through it all, deactivation, reactivation and moving from one military branch to another, but now the Marines have it and a long overdue overhaul is on the way that will help in the year round training our United States Marine Corp members and allow them to work on some of the worlds most advanced weapons and aircraft.

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