VA Loans in Virginia Beach

If you live in Virginia Beach, VA and are in the military or are a veteran of the armed forces, the VA loan is the best option for you to purchase or refinance your home today! With it’s 100% financing that saves you the cost of a down payment on your home – there’s no other loan program out there for our servicemen and women to get into their dream home!  To get the VA Loan, you must be a qualifying active duty member of the United States military or a ‘honorably’ discharged  veteran who meets the service time qualifications.  You must also have a copy of your DD214 or your COE (Certificate of Eligibility), if you don’t have either of these we can help you obtain a copy as well.

We work with our veterans and active-duty military members to ensure that their home buying process is easy and stress free and especially those of you serving in Virginia Beach, Virginia!  We love our Navy friends at NAS Oceana! We’ve done a bit of research on  Naval Air Station Oceana, and found some really interesting information we’d like to share with you about your home at NAS Oceana (so it’s not just talk about how amazing the VA Loan program is!)

Did you know that the Naval Air Station was founded in 1940 because the NAS Norfolk wasn’t able to be fully useful for air missions due to airspace and airfield restrictions, so NAS Oceana was proposed and later expanded to become the only Master Jet Base on the eastern seaboard of the United States.  This distinction brought with it the honor of being the home to several different fighter squadrons and it’s 3 – 8,000 foot long runways and one 12,000 foot run way were considered alternate landing strips for the space shuttle program until the end of the program in 2011.

If you’re interested in learning more about a VA Loan please apply online on this website and we’ll contact you ASAP to discuss your VA Loan options!