VA Loans in Portsmouth, VA

Portsmouth, VA is one of the best locations to be in the United States Navy & is home to the Norfolk Navy Shipyard and to the Norfolk Medical Center, if you work at either of these fine institutions you could be eligible for a VA loan, the best home loan out there.  This loan establishes that any qualifying service man or woman can get a 100% financed home loan.  100% financed means that you don’t have to make a down payment at the time of closing on your new home, the government will insure all of your loan!  (You may have to pay closing costs, but you will work this out in contract negotiations with the Realtors involved in the deal.

The VA Loan is the best way to make your dreams of owning a home a possibility if you are a United States Armed Forces member or a veteran of the US Military.  But you’re not just here to hear about the VA loan program – here’s more about the Naval Shipyard.

Portsmouth Virginia, has one of the strongest military presences in itself with the Norfolk Navy Shipyard, and it’s quite a historic shipyard – it was originally built by the British on the Elizabeth river before the revolutionary war and was originally known as the Gosport Shipyard.  Just immediately the revolutionary war, the British owner abandoned the yard and allowed the Commonwealth of Virginia to take control over it, thought British troops burned the shipyard.

The shipyard has been burned down 3 times by escaping armies because of its strategic importance, and the shipyard has built quite a few infamous ships, such as CSS Virginia, the first battleship: the USS Texas, and the first aircraft carrier: the USS Langley.

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