VA Loans in Petersburg, VA

Are you looking for a home in Petersburg Virginia because it is the home to Fort Lee, and all of its many schools of training for the United States Army.  The VA  loan is a great benefit for you to use to get a 100% financed home loan with no down payment!

Fort Lee was named for the famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee and established in 1917 as a mobilization camp for World War I.  After WWI had ended the camp was turned over to the the state of Virginia, which turned it into a game preserve, however in 1920, on the eve of World War II the Army quickly rebuilt Camp Lee and began training at the Quartermaster training school before the buildings were actually finished!

When WWII ended Camp Lee’s fate was in question and it wasn’t until 1950 that Camp Lee became the permanant installation named: Fort Lee!  Fort Lee continued to be the Quartermaster Training facility and also served as the home of the Women’s Army Corps.

The closest city to Fort Lee is Petersburg, VA and greatly benefits from the nearby base.  If you’re looking for a home to live in because you are stationed at Fort Lee, the best way to go about doing that is to get a VA Loan to purchase your home!  The VA loan is 100% financed meaning that you don’t have to make a down payment at the time of your closing, (you may still have to pay closing costs!) This is considerably better than Conventional home loans or even FHA home loans that require a down payment and you also have to pay your closing costs as well!  The VA Home loan is available to all honorably discharged veterans and active-duty military members.

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