VA Loans in Wichita, KS

The City of Wichita, KS has a great history that spans from it’s founding in 1870 to it’s current modern day enterprises. The first settlement of Wichita was a group of huts gathered together by members of the Wichita Indian tribe who agree with The union forces during the Civil War.

The City grew quickly during period after the Civil War because it’s location on the Chisholm trail and quickly gained a reputation of being a ‘Cowtown’ and a wild one at that. Several historic and noted law enforcement officials made their way through this wild town, including Wyatt Earp. Even today Wichita is strategically placed on I-35 to give a great view of the thriving aircraft industry there and a great rest stop for weary travellers from the north or the south.

In the 20th Century Wichita earned it’s nickname, “the Air Capital of the world,” due to the amount of aviation companies that were founded there. In the 1920’s & 1930’s Stearman, Cessna, Mooney & Beech were all founded and led to the foundation of McConnell Air Force Base. Later Boeing would begin manufacturing military aircraft in Wichita until the 1990’s.McConnell AFB is currently the center for refueling operations for the United States Military.

Wichita Kansas is a great place to live if you’re an active-duty military member who is being transferred to or is currently stationed at McConnell AFB. If you’re a retired armed forces member the VA loan program is also available for you to buy a home! If you’re interested in using us to know more about VA Loans or to buy a house in Wichita, KS you can contact us today! If you’re ready to get started on your VA home loan, get pre-approved by clicking the apply now link of this page or call (816)268-4025.