VA Loans in Warrensburg, MO

The City of Warrensburg Missouri is the closest city to Whiteman Air Force Base. Warrensburg, MO was founded in 1836, when city boundary lines were drawn.

The City is home to University of Central Missouri and some interesting historical landmarks. One of these is the ‘Tribute to the Dog’ statue outside the Johnson County Courthouse. VA Loans in WarrensburgThe statue is there to commemorate a trial over the death of ‘Old Drum,’ a cattle rancher’s dog. During the trial, George Vest, coined the now well-known phrase ‘Man’s Best Friend’ during his closing arguments and won his client the maximum reward of $50 for the untimely death of his pet at the hand of a neighbor. Warrensburg is not just known for that everyday phrase either it’s also the considered the home of Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the 509th division, which maintains and flies the B-2 stealth bomber for the United States Air Force.  While living in the area, you’ll get used to seeing this triangular shaped jet flying over the landscape as well as seeing A-10 Warthogs and Apache Helicopters on their training exercises.

Warrensburg is a great place to live if you’re an active-duty military member who is being transferred to or is currently stationed at Whiteman AFB. With Warrensburg being the closest large city to Whiteman you’ll be living in a great community with a close commute to the base where you’re working, keeping your family at home in a great town and work not that far away is one of the benefits to purchasing a home in this community.  If you’re a retired armed forces member the VA loan program is also available for you to buy a home! If you’re interested in getting a VA home loan to buy a house in Warrensburg, MO you can contact us today! If you’re ready to get started on your VA home loan, get pre-approved by clicking here.