VA Loans in Newport News

Newport News is one of the nearby cities to Joint Base Langley Eustice and is a wonderful place to live for those military servicemen and women protecting our country, perhaps you’re looking for a new home or to refinance your home with your VA Home Loan benefit? We can help you get pre-approved for that.

The Joint Base is a combination of Langley Air Force Base and Fort Eustice, both bases stretching back into the history of the United States before being combined in 2010.  Langley AFB was founded before World War I in 1917 and was instrumental in developing antisubmarine machinery, which led to the Tactical Air Command being established there.

For Eustice is nearly as old as Langley AFB, but began in 1918 when the Army purchased Mulberry Island and the surrounding land preparing for WWI  and is now the hub of the Transportation School  which trains for rail, marine and amphibious operations and modes of transportation around the world.

If you’re living in Newport News, VA and stationed at Joint Base Langley Eustice you should consider  VA Loans in Newport News. They are 100% financed (so there’s now down payment) and there is no Monthly mortgage insurance! Contact us today to start the process to get you into a home with a VA mortgage loan because VA Loans in Newport News are the best way for military men and women to purchase a home near their base!