VA Loans in Killeen, TX

When the railroad was booming and the United States was expanding feverishly westward many towns were exploding along the lines being laid down. Killeen, TX was one such town that was a boom town for Cotton farming. But in 1942, this small farming community boomed with the announcement that Camp Hood would be build there to help the United State Military keep up troop numbers to help the war effort from the ongoing World War II.

Killeen has had its up’s and down’s, not only good times but also in population. Shortly after WWII ended Camp Hood was all but abandoned, but just a few years after the War the United State government recommissioned Camp Hood as Fort Hood and it still stands as one of the largest Army bases in the United States. It is home to over 100,000 people and has a University in the Texas A&M system.

Killeen Texas is a fine place to live if you’re an active-duty military member who is being transferred to or is currently stationed at Fort Hood. If you’re a retired armed forces member the VA loan program is also available for you to buy a home!

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