VA Loans in Alexandria, VA

If you live in Alexandria, Virginia,  or are stationed at Fort Belvoir.  You might just be the perfect candidate for a VA Home Loan.  The VA home mortgage is a great option for those who are currently serving the United States Armed Forces and is the best option to get those men and women into their own homes.  For those who don’t know the VA Home Loan is 100% financed, that means you don’t have to pay a down payment at the time of closing, (you may have to pay closing costs, but we try our best to make sure that doesn’t happen!) So those of you stationed at Fort Belvior don’t need to worry about how you’re going to come up with that extra cash to make  a downpayment – the US government has already taken care of that as a Thank You for your service to our country.

Alexandria, VA is a great place to live and commute to Fort Belvoir and the fort has it’s own great history!  The Fort is built on the Belvoir plantation, the home of William Fairfax, which was a thriving plantation until a fire destroyed in 1783 and much later in 1912 the land was transferred into the War Department’s control and Camp Belvoir was established as a rifle range and training area.  When World War I broke out the camp became a Fort and was in charge of training new engineering recruits.  In modern times, the Fort is holds it’s place by serving as a base for mangagement of operational systems.

If you’re looking to get VA loans in Alexandria, VA then you’ve come to the right place!  Check out our application page and feel free to give us a call to discuss your VA home loan options.