VA Loans in Arlington, VA

Arlington Virginia is the home of one of the most historical Army bases in the United States, and probably one of the most prestigious as well, because Fort Myer and it’s partnered base Henderson Hall (The headquarters of the United States Marines)  sit just across the Potomac River from Washington DC.  This means that many of the honor guards that are used for large events in Washington DC are from Fort Myers.   While it is considered a small base it’s proximity to the District of Columbia makes it are rather important base it is also the home of the 3rd infantry, one of the longest standing units in the U.S. Military.VA Loans Arlington VA

If you’re stationed in Arlington you might be looking for a VA loan, which is the best program for those who are active duty or Veterans of the armed forces.  If you have a copy of your DD214 or your COE (Certificate of Eligibility) you’ve already taken the first steps towards getting your 100% financed home loan via the VA loan program!  This home loan program is wonderful if you’re stationed in the Arlington, VA area because you can get a home for your family with no down payment and it’s only available to vets and active-duty military members!

Henderson Hall is the headquarters of the Marine Corps. and was combined with Fort Myer in 2005 with the BRAC reccomendations forming Join Base Fort  Myer-Henderson Hall.   The original military use of the facility was a federal warehouse, but that quickly became the Navy Annex and eventually the space became occupied by the Marines Corps Headquarters.  Henderson Hall was also home to the women’s unit until 1946 when they were decommissioned.  Interestingly enough, though the land is quite historic none of the existing buildings are; they were all built in the 20th century.

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