Kansas Military Bases

Military Bases in Kansas | Kansas Military Bases

Kansas is home to three military bases. The bases located within the state’s borders are McConnell Air Force Base and Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley, which are both U.S. Army. The military bases serve as headquarters for various military operations, as well as homes for military personnel and their families.

Fort Riley

Fort Riley is one of the largest military installations in the United States, covering 407 square km and hosting over 25000 individuals. It is so large that it has its own zip code. It is located on the Kansas River and spreads over two different counties – Riley and Geary. The name was given in the memory of Bennett C. Riley, a professional general who led multiple armies and protected a lot of escorts in the Santa Fe trail. The fort is split in two parts – the north one and Camp Whitside. Although they are basically in the same place, they are administered by different units.

Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth is a military base located in Kansas, in the immediate proximity of the city with the same name. It has almost two centuries of existence and it is by far the oldest and most important such post located in the western side of Washington, DC. It is still referred to as the intellectual center of the US Army, as it used to be named once. The base spreads over 2,300 ha and hosts more than 1,000 buildings. It is currently commanded by LGT David G. Perkins.

McConnell AFB

McConnell AFB is one of the few military bases around the United States of America with the clear objective to perform air refueling activities for any type of aircraft. It is located in the Sedwick County, close to Wichita, in the southeastern part of Kansas. The base is named in the memory of two brothers native from Wichita who fought during World War II. It is operated by the Air Force.