VA Loans for Lee’s Summit Homes

There’s nothing better than VA Loans for Lee’s Summit Homes!  It’s probably the best mortgage program out there right now and it’s a great way to get a new home, however there are some qualifications that you must meet to get a VA home loan!  We’d like to cover those in this blog post and help you understand why this mortgage program is the best out there.

In order to get a home in Lees Summit, MO using a VA Loan you’ll need to do the following things.VA Loans for Lee's Summit Homes

  1. Served active duty in ANY branch of the United State Armed Forces
    • Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, or any of the reserve equivalents of these branchs. (if you served in the reserves or National Guard you must have served for 6 years.)
  2. Upon your discharge from the military, you must receive an honorable discharge or a general discharge (for honorable reasons) or you currently serving on active duty.
    • The only condition in which you don’t qualify for the VA Home Loan is if you were dishonorably discharged at the end of your service.
  3. You are the surviving spouse of a veteran killed in the line of duty.
    • If you were married to a veteran that died during his/her duty, and have remarried you no longer have your VA loan eligibilty.

Now that you know what the eligibility requirements are for using VA Loans for Lee’s Summit Homes, let’s talk about why the VA loan is the best mortgage program out there!

  1. There is no down payment.
    • The FHA loan requires, 3.5% or 5% down, Conventional loans require 20% and the VA Loan requires 0% down payments – making it an amazing deal!
  2. The loan limit in the Lees Summit area is $417,000 dollars
    • That means that most of the houses in LSMO are available for you to purchase, however you must still qualify with your income and credit scores.
  3. Interest rates are usually better than conventional or FHA rates
    • You also won’t have to pay PMI or Premium Mortgage Insurace on your VA mortgage
  4. There are no penalties for early payoff or a balance reduction!
  5. If you decide you’d like to refinance your home, you can use a VA streamline refinance as well!

Now that you know just how great VA Loans for Lee’s Summit homes are, why not click here to get pre-approved and start your home search today!

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VA Loan Lee’s Summit

VA Loan Lee's Summit

Want to use your VA Loan benefit to move to Lee’s Summit, MO, we can help!

VA Loans Lee’s Summit

If you’re a military serviceman or woman, whether active-duty or retired, the best home loan for you is the VA Loan Lee’s Summit.

Some of the reasons that the VA home loan is the best for our armed forces members are:

  • No Down Payment
  • Typically Lower Interest Rates
  • Relaxed Credit Standards (but you will have to have good credit to qualify)
  • Caters only to United States Military Members
  • You can use it repeatedly
  • Loan Limit of $417,000 in the Lee’s Summit MO/Kansas City Missouri area

If you’re considering purchasing a house and you’ve served our country in any of the branches of the military – then we can help you get a VA Loan that will ensure your family a great place to live for the coming years.

We’re a local mortgage bank that has a VA mortgage expert on staff!  Darren Copeland has been doing VA mortgage loans for over 12 years and stands ready to help you through the process.  Why do you need a expert on your side?  The VA Mortgage has some unique issues associated with it, and having someone who deals with those day in and day out will make the process 100% easier and less stressful for you.

If you’d like to apply online and work with Darren, A VA Loan Lee’s Summit expert: Click Here.

If you’d like to learn more information about the VA Home Loan, then  check out our YouTube channel or our VA Loan specific website: Midwest VA Loans.

We look forward to helping our military members and our veterans because it makes us feel good to give back to the people who have given so much for our freedom.  We’re always happy to just answer questions and we’re even happier to put a smile on your face as you get the keys to your new home after the closing process!  Call us today: 816-268-4025.

VA Home Loan Mortgage Ready

If you’re looking to get VA Home Loan Mortgage Ready, then look no further then local Lee’s Summit Missouri and Kansas City MO area lender Darren Copeland.  As you can see from the video above Darren is a VA Mortgage expert and can help you understand the loan you’re looking to get and the steps along the way to getting your new home with a VA Loan.

Darren and his team at Midwest VA Loans are willing and ready to walk you through the VA Home Loan process from getting your DD214 or your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) all the way to signing the paperwork to get the keys to your new home!  VA Loans are the best home loan option out there for our active-duty military members to purchase a home, not only that, but they are great for veterans of the Armed Forces as well.  You can use your VA Benefits multiple times, so don’t think of it as a one-time use deal, you can use it to purchase your first home, all the way to your last home!  There are great benefits to the VA Loan, but you must be aware you’ll still have to qualify for the loan via your credit score and by means of your income,  if you’re concerned about qualifying we can help you figure out what you need to do to become VA Home Loan Mortgage Ready.

The VA Loan process should never be difficult and when you work with us, you’ll realize just how stress-free home buying can be.  We’re experts at a local bank that does every step of the process in house (minus the appraisal because there are strict government rules about that!)  Now that we’ve covered just a few of the details of the VA Home loan, you can get pre-approved for your va loan by applying online here!

2013 BAH Allowances for Whiteman Air Force Base

Have you recently been stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base? If so, let’s be friends! I’m a mortgage lender out of Kansas City and specialize in helping active and non-active military use their VA loan benefits to buy a house. Many who come to Whiteman AFB are surprised by how many great communities surround the base. For those who are ‘country folk,’ there are many towns nearby with land and a small town feel. For those looking for a smaller town yet one that has a Wal-Mart and a few restaurants, there are several options 15-30 minutes away. And yet for others who want the big city feel or desire to live in the ‘burbs – there are several communities down 50 Highway that aren’t too far of a drive. Basically – there IS a little something for everyone.

The BAH for Whiteman Airforce Base


The BAH allowance helps offset living costs for those on active duty. Your BAH allowance depends on your rank, where you are stationed and if you have dependents. It changes every year. The BAH can be used for renting or buying a home. If you’re planning to settle down in the Whiteman Air Force Base area for a while, using your BAH allowance and your VA loan to purchase housing for your family is a great way to go.The BAH allowance secures your income and the VA loan gets you into a mortgage with a ZERO down payment and many other loan advantages.
Call me if you want to use your BAH at Whiteman with a VA loan at (816) 268-4025.

2013 BAH Housing Allowance Rates

Below is the 2013 BAH Allowance for Whiteman Air Force Base:

Rank 2013 BAH w/o Dependent 2013 BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $639 $795
E-2 $639 $795
E-3 $639 $795
E-4 $639 $795
E-5 $678 $894
E-6 $837 $1113
E-7 $918 $1221
E-8 $1005 $1338
E-9 $1104 $1470
W-1 $840 $1116
W-2 $954 $1269
W-3 $1107 $1413
W-4 $1140 $1491
W-5 $1248 $1584
O-1E $936 $1245
O-2E $1044 $1392
O-3E $1128 $1506
O-1 $696 $918
O-2 $921 $1110
O-3 $1110 $1407
O-4 $1233 $1617
O-5 $1326 $1767
O-6 $1413 $1785
O-7 $1443 $1800

VA Loan Appraisals | Common Repairs

FEMA - 32429 - FEMA inspector inside an Ohio home.

The VA loan option offers many veterans the option of securing a home loan with several benefits and advantages. Because this program is backed by the government, it requires a unique appraisal process. (FHA loans require this too.) To ensure the property meets VA loan requirements, an appraiser will be assigned to review the property. This is NOT the same as a home inspection since the appraiser is looking out for the best interests of the government since it’s providing the loan backing. In order to look out for YOUR best interests, you’re highly encouraged to hire an independent home inspector.

The VA Loan Appraisal Checklist

If you’re a buyer OR seller and know that the home is being purchased through a VA loan, it’s wise to start preparing for the VA loan appraisal. Appraisers will be looking for certain things in the home in order for the loan process to continue. They will visit the home and inspect it inside and out, looking for evidence of proper maintenance and safety precautions. Sellers taking initiative to make VA-required improvements, or buyers understanding what will be needed to keep the process going, can help prevent the VA loan from being held up.

The VA Loan Appraiser will be looking at all areas of the home. They will be looking at hundreds of items. For a detailed, complete checklist of what the VA appraiser will be looking for, please call me. Each home appraisal will be different depending on the location, age, size and floor plan of the home. Some of the main areas reviewed by a VA appraiser will include every structural element of the home, mechanical systems, roofing systems and repair, safety hazards and more.

If they don’t see some of these important features required for a VA loan, they might become “any observed repairs required to be completed.” In order to continue processing the loan (and getting the home bought/sold), you will need to make some of these repairs. Some common repairs our VA loan applicants have had to make include:

  • add handrails for staircases with more than three steps
  • add decks to homes with back doors
  • fix leaking roofs
  • ensure windows open or close properly
  • fix termite damage or any other pest problem
  • foundation repairs
  • remove any lead paint (in homes older than 1978)

This is just a SMALL list of some of the common VA repairs. A VA appraiser will review your home and present you with a list of repairs that need completed.

The VA loan is a great option for veteran’s wanting to buy a house. Luckily with us, you’re not alone in the process. As VA loan specialists in the Kansas City area, we know what to expect and can walk you through the VA loan process … and even the appraisal and required repairs … each step of the way.