The Importance of a Good Real Estate Agent

real-estate-agentIf you’re ready to become a homeowner, or it’s time to sell and you’re looking for a new home, it’s important to work with someone with local credibility and a reputation for honesty.

For home buyers, the real estate market can be foreign. Therefore, working with a trustworthy real estate agent will help home buyers feel more comfortable. Below are reasons why it’s important to work with a local real estate agent.

The real estate agent will know and understand the market.

Real estate agents are needed to understand the state of the local market and they take it as a full time job. In fact, they fully understand the conditions of the market for the last five years. Their knowledge of the market will allow them to use their experience and expertise while keeping the home buyer’s best interest in mind.

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An agent will be able to provide home buyers with advice and confidence regarding real estate decisions. This will help protect the home buyer’s investment by assisting them in making a well informed and responsible purchase.

The real estate agent can help lower costs associated with buying a house.

Closing costs are additional costs to the buyer that must be paid before or at the time of settlement. These closing costs will typically consist of prepaid items such as your property taxes and insurance. Most often, any additional fees are then split between the buyer and the seller. However, we recommend that you urge your real estate agent to negotiate these fees to ensure you are able to get the lowest closing costs possible.

A good real estate agent is someone who has been in business long enough to become well established in the area. They will be able to earn your trust by being good listeners and using their knowledge to assist you through the home buying process.

The Copeland Mortgage Team has been in mortgage banking for over 10 years and would be happy to point home buyers to a real estate agent we know and trust.

For more information on the importance of a good real estate agent, or for a recommendation, contact the Copeland Mortgage Team at Midwest VA Loans today.

  1. Good advice. I have no idea what I’m doing in the housing market and will soon be looking to buy. Thanks.

  2. When I bought my house, I didn’t really rely on my Real Estate agent. They mainly helped to fill out the paperwork, I wish I would’ve had someone who helped more like you had written above.

  3. This is really great advice! It seems like for awhile everyone was becoming a real estate agent but only doing it in their spare time. Much better to get someone who does it full time, they have to be much more knowledgeable about their market.

  4. I could see it being a huge advantage to have a local real estate agent. Knowing the area is very important.

  5. I think these are all great reasons to get a local real estate agent. It also helps if you know them because they will know more of what your looking for.

  6. Real Estate Agents can really help with getting a better rate, but watch out if they make you sign a contract for their services. You may find that you don’t like the work they do, or if they do not follow home safety guidelines.

  7. If you are looking to move to a new area a local real estate agent is a must. How are you supposed to know the neighborhoods, school, etc?

  8. Having a good real estate agent is obviously a huge factor.

  9. Real Estate agents make a ton of difference. Working with them can make buying a home feel easy and comfortable.

  10. It’s always less stressful when you have an agent whom you can trust.

  11. A confident and knowledgeable real estate agent makes a direct impact.

  12. I’ve always found real estate agents who can explain certain terms and conditions are always trustful and responsible. It goes a long way.

  13. Having a good real estate agent who helps you can mean a lot. Having a good relationship with them is a must, and allows you to be comfortable in your decision.

  14. I love watching that tv show “Love it or List it” and try to take notes of what the realtor says. Sometimes what the homeowner was looking for in a home wasn’t reasonable at all, and they had to be shown what was really an option for their money/neighorhood/etc.

  15. A good real estate agent can help find deals, and be able to understand what matters to you in a home.

  16. I have a friend who has been a realtor for over 15 years and she loves her job; if i had to recommend someone close to you, I’d say go with someone who is quick to respond to EVERY question you have–this often means that they enjoy working and will help you find the perfect home.

  17. Experience is almost the only thing that counts for a realtor. The more experienced, the more likely they are to find a home that fits YOU. Great post!

  18. It’s also difficult for them to help you if you don’t express what you are really looking for and what’s important to you in your potential new home. I wouldn’t know where to start if I didn’t have a realtor! Thank you!

  19. I enjoy looking at houses on my own, but, when it comes down to it, I am going to go witha realtor because they offer invaluable insight into your potential buys.

  20. I am considering selling my home, but I’m not sure if I want to go with a realtor or not.. Any advice on successfully selling your home on your own?

  21. I agree. I think one of the most important things to consider when choosing a real estate agent is their location. I want an agent that knows the area well. Schools, neighborhoods, etc.

  22. I’m completely lost when it comes to real estate jargon so having a real estate agent that knew what they were doing was obviously beneficial. It also helps to have a local real estate agent as well.

  23. I like the idea of a local Real Estate Agent because it is there job to know the area in which they work. They may even know some of the builders or sellers.

  24. All great things about a good real estate agent. Knowing the market is vital to helping your budget.

  25. Great information about getting a good real estate agent. They can do so much for you.

  26. Your agent should know what to spend in which market. You can always shop around until you find that agent your most comfortable with.

  27. If I need to fix my car I’m going to a mechanic and if I want to buy a house I’m going to find a local real estate agent. Its that simple really.

  28. Having a good real estate can make a world of difference. Knowing the area and just understanding reality jargon can go a long way. I highly suggest find a realtor.

  29. I have some friends who have had some real bad experiences with real estate agents so I fully understand the need for a good one.

  30. Can’t agree more on this topic. A good real estate agent is going to help you tons.

  31. Not only would a realtor know the area better, but they just have so many resources available to them that a normal person doesn’t have. Huge advantage!

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