Purchasing a Home vs. Military Housing

military home buyingBeing an active military member can leave you wondering how long you’re going to be stationed at your current or upcoming location. With PCS season approaching, this may be the topic of discussion in your family this summer. Because of the possibility of change, you may not know exactly what to do about your housing situation.


If you’re debating whether to purchase a home or live in military housing, there are several factors you need to consider. Before you make a decision, sit down with your family and discuss the following:

Quality of Housing

Depending where you’re located, it may be much easier to find a high quality private home than a suitable on-base home. To avoid living in an area that may not be up to your standards or what you expected, purchasing a home will allow you to control where you and your family live.

Location Options

Similarly, by purchasing a home, you are able to choose the neighborhood and area you’ll be living. With location options, you can also control the school district for your children and type of lifestyle, such as a more urban community.


With military housing, it’s possible you’ll be asked to move without much notice. Because you have no control over this, your family could be relocated within the military housing fairly easily. Purchasing your own home will allow you to connect with the community and build roots for your family.

Privacy & Independence

Owning private property would allow you to obtain some breathing room with family and friends. You can also escape some strict rules that come along with military housing.

Affordable Mortgage Loan

As an active military member, you are able to qualify for a VA loan. VA loans don’t require a down payment or a monthly mortgage insurance premium. Call a VA mortgage lender and you’ll likely find that buying a home is cheaper than renting.


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