Which Comes First – VA Lender or Realtor?

va-lender-and-real-estate-agentSo you want to buy a house with your VA loan.

We recommend working with a VA Lender FIRST – then finding a real estate agent to guide you to that perfect dream home.

The VA Loan process isn’t hard … but it does take a few steps to get pre-approved and have the loan secured. If you plan to use your VA benefit to buy a house (highly recommended if eligible), get your ducks in a row when it comes to financing first.

We’ll Help You With the Paperwork

When you work with our team, we’ll clearly outline all of the steps needed to process a VA loan. We’ll even help you obtain the documents you need. Some may include:

  • DD214 (retired/non-active) OR Statement of Service (active)
  • COE (Certificate of Eligibility)
  • Proof of VA disability (if applicable)
  • Copy of orders to base (if active)

(See the VA Loan Checklist for everything you’ll need.)

Is this not making sense? Don’t worry – call us and we’ll explain it:  816-875-6392.

Our Role as a VA Lender

As a VA lender, we will help you know what documents to get, outline the process of securing a VA loan for you, arrange pre-approval and then process your VA loan.

We recommend you go through these steps before you find a house and make an offer.

This will help your home buying process go smoother, especially since you want to use the VA loan.

What if I already have a real estate agent but want to use the VA loan?

There is no guide that says you HAVE TO secure your VA loan pre-approval before looking at houses or working with a real estate agent. Although we recommend it, we work with clients who’ve found a house and want to make an offer all of the time.

We will work with you and your agent to promptly get all of the papers and forms you’ll need.

Since we specialize in VA loans, we know the process like the back of our hands. We’ll make things simple for you to understand and easy for your real estate agents.

If you’d like our assistance with your VA Loan, regardless of the stage you’re in, please contact our team at Midwest VA Loans today!

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