Using Social Media To Buy a Home

social-media-for-home-buyersThe Internet… and more recently, social media…  have changed everything including the resources available when purchasing a home.

Not only can you search for homes for sale online, but you can also connect with the professionals who help you all along the way.

If you’re entering the home buying process, here are a few recommendations we have if you’re looking for ways to utilize technology in your house hunt:

1. Read the Reviews

Nearly everyone in business has an online review out there these days. Real estate agents, title companies, inspectors and yes, even mortgage lenders, are all reviewed by clients and other professionals who work with them. Read the reviews to get an idea of the professional’s style … if you come across a bad one, take it with a grain. That is, unless it’s consistent with the overall feedback.

2. Tweet or Send a Message on Facebook

Social media is a fantastic way to quickly get in front of someone you want to talk with. Sending a tweet, Facebook message or posting on a wall is a sure way to get someone’s attention. If you cannot reach a professional via phone, email or text, consider using social media.

3. Read blogs for advice

Many who work to provide the best service for their clients maintain blogs to assist homeowners. These blogs are full of advice for those on the house hunt.  Take advantage of this great way to not only gain knowledge but get a feel for the type of professional you’d be working with.

4. Watch YouTube videos

For same reasons as #3 – watch videos on the professional’s online video channels to gain information. Some offer advice. Agents may feature homes for sale. There’s a lot out there that can make your job of finding the right home fairly simple.

5. Use the real estate apps

There are tons of great apps out there that can assist you in the real estate process. Realtor Magazine recommended some apps for maintaining a mobile office and staying organized on the go.

For those searching for homes, this article about real estate apps from the Mercury News mentioned:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Refin

Technology keeps us on our toes 24/7 but can also give us insight like never before. Use social media to your advantage if you’re looking for that perfect dream home.

If you’re looking for a technology-savvy mortgage lender specializing in VA loans, look no further. Our team provides info via our VA loans blog, VA loans YouTube channel, facebook and twitter. Connect with us today and let us know how we can can serve you.


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