Brief History Of Patriotic Songs

american-flag-baseball-gameWith Royals season in full swing again, we cannot help but love the sights, smells and sounds of baseball. This sport, more than any other, embodies Americana – including the patriotic songs sung each game throughout ballparks across the U.S.

We wanted to briefly give tribute to some of the most popular patriotic songs and a refresher on where they came from:

National Anthem – The Star Spangled Banner

Written by Frances Scott Key in 1814 (and based off of his poem,) the lyrics are in response to watching Fort McHenry in the war of 1812. Congress made it our national anthem in 1931.

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

Anyone who’s heard England’s “God Save the Queen” knows where the catchy melody for this patriotic song comes from. Lyrics were written by Samuel Francis Smith, a seminary student. The song’s also been called “America” and was first published in 1832.

America, The Beautiful

Katharine Lee Bates wrote this patriotic song as a poem published in a church periodical in 1895 and Samuel Ward came up with the music. The song as we know it came out in 1910. A professor from Wellesley who traveled to Pike’s Peak in Colorado, Bates was taken by the ‘majestic’ landscape of The United States.

God Bless America

Irving Berlin wrote this iconic song in 1918 while serving in the Army. He revived it in 1938 in response to Hitler’s Germany. The song is played throughout many sports games across the U.S.

The Stars and Stripes Forever

This is one of the most patriotic melodies in the country. Many recognize the National March most often played when the troops come in and graduates walk down the aisle, but few know the lyrics to the song. The melody was composed by John Philip Sousa in 1896.

God Bless the USA

A more recent addition to the patriotic song list is this ole’ country tune by Lee Greenwood released in 1984. It’s been re-released by Greenwood himself and covered by famous singers for the past several decades. The song has been performed across the country, on television shows and following heroic events.

What’s Your Favorite Patriotic Song?

So there you have it – a brief recap of some of America’s most beloved songs. We like to recap them every once in a while as a tribute to all of the veterans we work with on their VA loans.

There’s something about each of these songs that reminds us why America is such a great country to live and work in!

What do you think – what is your favorite patriotic song?

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