Veteran Hiring Week

Over the past week, the unemployment rate of veterans received major attention.

Termed “Veteran Hiring Week,” many employers and organizations brought to light the struggle for veterans to find jobs once discharged from service. Job fairs and hiring services were offered specifically to vets looking for jobs.

Veterans and Unemployment

high-veteran-unemployment-rateOverall, the high unemployment rate in the U.S. has been a concern over the past several years. But what makes our heart hurt more is that veterans, those who’ve sacrificed so much to serve our country, face similar unemployment rates within their population. As one NBC News contributor put it,

Post-9/11 veterans lug a steep unemployment rate that’s a point-plus taller than the civilian rate. Add to that the 34,000 troops who soon will return from Afghanistan. Bottom line: The existing bulge of ex-military job seekers threatens to further swell in a world where stripes carry no sway.

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The Cultural Gap for Unemployed Veterans

Many of us who are passionate about helping veterans shake our heads at the high veteran unemployment rate.

And while there is no excuse for not making sure our vets are taken care of once they return home, one article published by the Huffington Post (originally appearing in Harvard Business Review) offered insight into the struggle:

This cultural gap is a significant driver of veteran unemployment. In the military, we all wear our resumes on our chests; it’s readily apparent what your position and function, not to mention additional areas of expertise, are at a single glance.

Although a cultural gap would seem to appear a cheap excuse (after all- veteran reality shows were in the works showing how hard soldiers work) the article suspects some reasons why veterans struggle to find jobs:

  • Don’t speak “business language”
  • Not accustomed to business jargon, processes and workflow
  • Injury may prevent some from becoming acclimated into a job

It looks like those of us with a passion for veterans need to remember how to best help them acclimate to civilian life once they’re ready to look for a job.

Resources for Veterans Finding Jobs

Just do a quick Google search for veterans and jobs. You’ll find site after site offering help.

Although the unemployment rate is too high, it seems like any recognize the problem and are working to find solutions. Big companies like Disney and Wells Fargo are making people aware of the problem and implementing “hiring veterans” programs.

Google even announced a special  job website for veterans last fall.

As a team that loves working with veterans (we help them find housing with their VA loan benefits), we’re hopeful that the national awareness of veterans seeking jobs will get our heroes the support they need. And of course, get them and their families into a home.

Near the KC area? Let us help you… we love working with veterans and can guide you through the VA loan process or point you in the right direction to receive any of the VA benefits you need.

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