2013 BAH Allowances for Fort Leavenworth

Most serving in the Army know about Fort Leavenworth. It’s one of the oldest active military posts West of the Mississippi. Fort Leavenworth is in Western Kansas – not too far away from Kansas City. There is a lot of activity happening at Fort Leavenworth all of the time.

If you or your family will be moving to the Fort Leavenworth area, let my va loans mortgage team help you secure housing.

Living near Fort Leavenworth


Photo source: http://fortwiki.com/Fort_Leavenworth

Check out the Living near Fort Leavenworth page on our site for information about residing in western Kansas. There are several nice communities to settle in when relocating to this Army base.

Read more about Life in Fort Leavenworth.

PS – Did you know you can use your BAH to buy a home near the base? Keep reading to learn more!

Buying a home near the Fort Leavenworth base

If you desire to purchase a home while stationed at Fort Leavenworth, please contact me. I am a VA loan specialist and will help you know how to use your VA loan benefits to buy a house. The VA loan offers great benefits like no monthly mortgage payments, competitive loan rates and ZERO down payments.

To secure funding and cover monthly mortgage payments, you may use your BAH housing allowance. This does not only prove to me (the lender) you receive ample funds to cover the mortgage – it makes your entire real estate process move quickly!

I would love to help you out. See the chart below for Fort Leavenworth’s 2013 BAH rates. To get a va home loan click here to apply.

2013 BAH Housing Allowance Rates

Below is the 2013 BAH Allowance for Fort Leavenworth:

Rank 2013 BAH w/o Dependent 2013 BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $705 $918
E-2 $705 $918
E-3 $705 $918
E-4 $705 $918
E-5 $774 $1026
E-6 $909 $1209
E-7 $999 $1332
E-8 $1098 $1464
E-9 $1206 $1605
W-1 $912 $1212
W-2 $1062 $1386
W-3 $1209 $1551
W-4 $1242 $1629
W-5 $1362 $1719
O-1E $1026 $1359
O-2E $1146 $1527
O-3E $1230 $1641
O-1 $807 $1047
O-2 $1002 $1206
O-3 $1212 $1542
O-4 $1347 $1755
O-5 $1428 $1902
O-6 $1551 $1923
O-7 $1581 $1941
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