2013 BAH Allowances for Offutt Air Force Base

Moving to Offutt Air Force Base? Let us help you. We are VA loan specialists. You receive many perks when buying a home due to your service to our country.

We will explain…

Housing benefits to our service members


Offutt is located near Omaha, NE.

As a member of our Armed Forces, you receive a handful of housing benefits. Yes, you can live on base if you want.

But that is not always the best option. Especially if you have a family or want to use real estate to your financial advantage.

VA loans for the Air Force

As a member of the Air Force, you may use the VA loan benefit. This is a ZERO interest loan. No down payment needed. No mortgage insurance involved.

Learn more about the VA Loan

BAH Housing Allowance

The BAH housing allowance is a stipend that helps you cover monthly living expenses. You may use this allowance to cover your mortgage payments each month.

Why use our team at Midwest VA Loans?

If you plan to move to the Midwest, let someone from the Midwest guide you through. Not only do we know this region of the country like the back of our hand – we specialize in helping those stationed at Midwest military bases secure housing with VA loans.

  • We know the area around Offutt/Omaha
  • We know what you need for the VA loan
  • We help you figure out the BAH
  • We specialize in assisting military personnel EVERY DAY.

If you are ready to get started, apply online or call me at (816) 268-4025.

Want to know your BAH housing allowance? See the chart below…

2013 BAH Housing Allowance Rates

Below is the 2013 BAH Allowance for Offutt Air Force Base:

Rank 2013 BAH w/o Dependent 2013 BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $783 $1044
E-2 $783 $1044
E-3 $783 $1044
E-4 $783 $1044
E-5 $876 $1155
E-6 $1002 $1338
E-7 $1050 $1392
E-8 $1194 $1452
E-9 $1248 $1575
W-1 $1005 $1341
W-2 $1191 $1416
W-3 $1254 $1491
W-4 $1350 $1605
W-5 $1407 $1740
O-1E $1155 $1404
O-2E $1236 $1479
O-3E $1338 $1626
O-1 $933 $1176
O-2 $1116 $1332
O-3 $1272 $1488
O-4 $1398 $1791
O-5 $1506 $2010
O-6 $1521 $2028
O-7 $1536 $2049
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