2013 BAH Allowance for McConnell Air Force Base


Headed to McConnell Air Force Base? Interested in buying a home in the Wichita area?

Let us help guide you through!

As VA Loan specialists based in the Midwest, there is no better team to guide you through using your BAH allowance AND your VA loan.

We’ll explain…

VA Loans in Wichita

VA loans are designed to help active (and non-active) military personnel buy a house. You serve our country, it’s the least we (and the government) can do.

We are based in the Midwest region and specialize in helping you get your VA loan benefit. Our team is familiar with McConnell Air Force Base and Wichita. We help those stationed near the base find secure VA loans to buy a house.

We guide you through what forms you’ll need. What to expect. We’ll explain how the entire process works.

Using your VA loan and your BAH

If you’re unfamiliar with BAH – those in active duty and stationed near the base can get a basic allowance housing. This monthly stipend goes toward your living expenses.

And yes – can be applied to your loan payment in the event you choose to buy a house.

You can use your VA loan AND your BAH to get the maximum benefit from the housing programs available to veterans.

If you are stationed at McConnell area, please see below for a chart of BAH rates.

Or, get started and apply for a mortgage using your VA loan or call us at (816) 268-4025.

2013 BAH Housing Allowance Rates for McConnell AFB

Below is the 2013 BAH Allowance for the McConnell Air Force Base

Rank 2013 BAH w/o Dependent 2013 BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $681 $906
E-2 $681 $906
E-3 $681 $906
E-4 $681 $906
E-5 $765 $1017
E-6 $921 $1230
E-7 $954 $1272
E-8 $1062 $1320
E-9 $1125 $1434
W-1 $924 $1233
W-2 $1059 $1293
W-3 $1131 $1350
W-4 $1239 $1467
W-5 $1284 $1605
O-1E $1017 $1281
O-2E $1110 $1341
O-3E $1230 $1488
O-1 $795 $1041
O-2 $981 $1224
O-3 $1152 $1347
O-4 $1278 $1659
O-5 $1413 $1881
O-6 $1425 $1902
O-7 $1440 $1920
  1. I’ve heard that having a loan company that is familiar in a region is really helpful in getting a good rate on a loan. It’s so good to see a company that is stepping out to help the VA and military individuals have a home.

  2. I’m glad there are programs like this for our service men and women. I hope they all take advantage of this offer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We love seeing those that are serving our have served our country getting a little help.

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