2013 BAH Allowances for Fort Leonard Wood

The Missouri Ozarks are a beautiful place to live. Many stationed at the Army’s Fort Leonard Wood base in southeastern Missouri call this area home. Those on active duty with the Army (or any branch of the military) receive a BAH housing allowance that can be applied toward housing costs. The BAH can be used to purchase a home as well as pay mortgage payments. The double-bonus? It can be used in conjunction with the VA Loan.

Call me if you want to use your BAH at Fort Leonard Wood with a VA loan at (816) 875-6392.

Why mortgage lenders like the BAH and the VA Loan

As a mortgage lender that specializes in VA loans, I love to help those on active duty figure out their BAH rate and how to buy a house. Part of the process of buying a home involves verifying your income – as lenders we want to know you have the reliable means to pay us back!  Eligible applicants for the VA loan who receive a BAH allowance tend to experience a faster home loan process since the income can be verified very quickly.


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Why buy near Fort Leonard Wood?

If you’re stationed near Fort Leonard Wood, consider buying a home with your VA loan. It’s still a great time to get a good deal on a house. There are several great communities that border the base where others stationed raise their families… some even choose to retire. Cities like Waynesville, St. Robert and Rolla offer several of the attractions and features many look for when moving. Call us today to learn more.

2013 BAH Housing Allowance Rates

Below is the 2013 BAH Allowance for Fort Leonard Wood:

Rank      2013 BAH w/o Dependent      2013 BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $747 $996
E-2 $747 $996
E-3 $747 $996
E-4 $747 $996
E-5 $879 $1026
E-6 $969 $1248
E-7 $996 $1290
E-8 $1071 $1338
E-9 $1140 $1422
W-1 $984 $1251
W-2 $1068 $1308
W-3 $1146 $1368
W-4 $1260 $1443
W-5 $1302 $1536
O-1E $1026 $1299
O-2E $1125 $1359
O-3E $1248 $1458
O-1 $963 $1050
O-2 $1014 $1245
O-3 $1167 $1365
O-4 $1296 $1572
O-5 $1323 $1719
O-6 $1365 $1737
O-7 $1392 $1752
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