Christmas Ornaments for Veterans

Are you counting down the days until Christmas is here? The advent calendar’s chocolate is half-gone and by now many have made at least one batch of sugar cookies. Or three. But who’s counting?

Christmas is the time of year when many look for creative and meaningful gift ideas. If you have a family member who is either currently serving or has previously been on active duty in the military, you might want to give a gift to commemorate his or her service. One great way to do that is through a Christmas ornament.

Veterans Christmas Ornaments

One of the military ornaments from

Ornaments make fun Christmas gifts for many reasons. For one, they are affordable. Two, they serve as a way to honor and remember someone. Each year as you decorate the tree, few things are more fun than reminiscing over old ornaments and the stories behind them. Giving the gift of an ornament to honor or remember a veteran can be a great way to keep the stories going in your family. There are many options, too, when it comes to honoring your favorite soldier through a Christmas ornament.

Military Branch Ornaments

There are many retailers who design ornaments to look like the seal from each branch of the military. There are some that even come with specializations like “1st Infantry Division” among other groups. Check out the large selection of military Christmas ornaments at

Handmade Military Christmas Ornaments

If you like the idea of honoring your veteran through a Christmas ornament but want something custom and personalized, look on the popular website Etsy. There are some vendors who are creating unique and custom ornaments designed specifically for you and your family. They can add names, dates, phrases and more. Review the current military Christmas ornaments on Etsy!

Personal Military Christmas Ornaments

If you are still unsure that you want something very “military-looking” on your tree, you could always opt for a unique approach and have a personalized ornament made. Things Remembered sells silver ornaments to engrave with your custom message. You could also create a photo ornament through a site like Shutterfly with a photo of your veteran, or a veteran’s family.

Remembering Veterans and The Holidays

Regardless of how you choose to honor or remember a veteran this Christmas, I’m sure that either the veteran or veteran’s family will be deeply touched. One of the reasons I got into VA Loans was to give back and honor those, like my grandpa, who sacrificed so much through his service to our country. When you take the time to remember a veteran during the holidays, the sentiment will last long after the lights and tree are all packed up – your thoughtfulness will stay with him or her all year long.

  1. I’m sure friends and relatives would really appreciate having these ornaments to honor their loved ones who are current military personnel or veterans. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What great ideas! I’m sure family members in the service would love to have these gifts straight from the heart!

  3. I always like giving handmade presents. The handmade personalized ornaments sound awesome!

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