2013 BAH Allowances for Whiteman Air Force Base

Have you recently been stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base? If so, let’s be friends! I’m a mortgage lender out of Kansas City and specialize in helping active and non-active military use their VA loan benefits to buy a house. Many who come to Whiteman AFB are surprised by how many great communities surround the base. For those who are ‘country folk,’ there are many towns nearby with land and a small town feel. For those looking for a smaller town yet one that has a Wal-Mart and a few restaurants, there are several options 15-30 minutes away. And yet for others who want the big city feel or desire to live in the ‘burbs – there are several communities down 50 Highway that aren’t too far of a drive. Basically – there IS a little something for everyone.

The BAH for Whiteman Airforce Base


The BAH allowance helps offset living costs for those on active duty. Your BAH allowance depends on your rank, where you are stationed and if you have dependents. It changes every year. The BAH can be used for renting or buying a home. If you’re planning to settle down in the Whiteman Air Force Base area for a while, using your BAH allowance and your VA loan to purchase housing for your family is a great way to go.The BAH allowance secures your income and the VA loan gets you into a mortgage with a ZERO down payment and many other loan advantages.
Call me if you want to use your BAH at Whiteman with a VA loan at (816) 268-4025.

2013 BAH Housing Allowance Rates

Below is the 2013 BAH Allowance for Whiteman Air Force Base:

Rank 2013 BAH w/o Dependent 2013 BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $639 $795
E-2 $639 $795
E-3 $639 $795
E-4 $639 $795
E-5 $678 $894
E-6 $837 $1113
E-7 $918 $1221
E-8 $1005 $1338
E-9 $1104 $1470
W-1 $840 $1116
W-2 $954 $1269
W-3 $1107 $1413
W-4 $1140 $1491
W-5 $1248 $1584
O-1E $936 $1245
O-2E $1044 $1392
O-3E $1128 $1506
O-1 $696 $918
O-2 $921 $1110
O-3 $1110 $1407
O-4 $1233 $1617
O-5 $1326 $1767
O-6 $1413 $1785
O-7 $1443 $1800
  1. Looks like you have all the bases covered for communities around the base!

  2. It’s nice that there is help for those who serve and protect us. Great area to settle down in!

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