What is a DD214?

If you’ve begun looking into using your VA benefits to buy a house, you might be seeing a request for a DD214 form. If you have no clue about this form or don’t think you have one – don’t panic. Let us help guide you through. If you are no longer on active duty, this is a form you’ll need for your loan process. If you are currently serving on active duty – this doesn’t apply to you.


A DD214 is given to veterans who are discharged or retire from the military.

What is a DD214 Form?

Your DD214 is given to you by the military (Department of Defense, to be exact) and discharges you from active duty. Officially, it’s called the DD Form 214 and is the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. You receive this paperwork when you are discharged or retire from the military. You should receive what’s called a Member 4 copy. Make sure to hang on to this. Your DD214 verifies the time you spent in the service, any awards, promotions and honors you received, if you served overseas and any training or schools you completed as well. You need a DD214 form in order to have veteran’s benefits like a VA ceremony at a funeral and use of the GI bill, etc. You also need this form in order to buy a house with a VA loan if you are no longer on active duty.

What if I lost my DD214 Form?

You should have been given a copy of your DD214 upon discharge or retirement from the military. However it’s not uncommon for veterans to claim they did not receive a Member 4 copy or that they lost this paperwork. In the event you cannot locate your DD214 paperwork, you may obtain a Member 2 copy of your DD214, which is an identical copy of the Member 4. Public records do not keep the Member 4 copy on file but the Member 2 will have the information needed for your VA loan.

You may contact the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) or the administrative offices of your military branch to obtain a copy of your DD214. While you may mail, fax or appear in person, the quicker route is to let us help you get the form through a third-party. We work with those who can obtain a copy of your DD214 faster than if you personally requested it yourself through the government.

Your DD214 and Using your VA Loan

Obtaining your DD214 is a key step in applying for your VA Loan. It shows us that you are indeed eligible for military benefits when purchasing a house. If you cannot locate your copy, we can help you and expedite the process if you meet all other VA loan eligibility requirements. If you’re in Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska or Virginia, please give us a call at (816) 268-4025 and let us help you with your VA loan.

  1. These are some important documents, you definitely want to ensure that they are safe from potential damage or loss.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. My father is a veteran and I wonder if he kept that form. I know he currently is using the VA Hosptial, so I’m thinking he did.

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