VA Loans and Homes for Heroes help veterans with mortgages


Looking for mortgage deals? If you’re eligible for a VA loan, make sure to look into Homes for Heroes! Photo source.

Are you like my family and have a pile of coupons or ads displaying the best ‘deals’ of Christmas sitting to the side of your desk, waiting for you to redeem them as you Christmas shop? Whether it’s the $10 Kohl’s cash or the BOGO coupon for new shoes, most of us want a deal this holiday season… and beyond. We love to save money and to spend less.

Looking for a deal on mortgages and home loans

I meet many who are hoping for a ‘deal’ when it comes to home loans and mortgages. For those who are eligible for a VA loan, there may be even more benefits and advantages than the loan in itself. Sure, VA loans bring huge benefits – no down payment, no PMI, competitive rates and more. But there’s another program that we participate in that gives our veterans an even bigger advantage when it comes to buying a house with the VA loan –  the Homes for Heroes program.

What is the Homes for Heroes program?

The Homes for Heroes program was started after 9/11 by a real estate group who watched public service men and women sacrifice their lives and safety for others. They recognized the opportunity to assist those who work in public service with buying a house. Many times there’s no way to get something cheaper when it comes to real estate transactions. This non-profit, however, began Homes for Heroes and negotiated with real estate agents and other housing professionals (like me, a VA loan expert), to join in with the program and do something to honor those who give back.

How does the Homes for Heroes work?

The Homes for Heroes program has affiliates who offer their services at discounted rates. It is open to: ” teachers, firefighters, public safety officers, health care workers, military personnel, and others who provide quality services to the public every day.” The promise of the program is that there is no fine print, no red tape – nothing that is bait-and-switch and meant to “get you” in some way. It’s an honest program that’s designed to simply give back to hard-working people who sacrifice so much. As a mortgage lender in Kansas City, I’m honored to be involved.

How can I use my VA Loan and the Homes for Heroes program?

If you’re interested in the Homes for Heroes program, give me a call and I’ll let you know what steps to take to use both your VA loan and the Homes for Heroes program. Contact me at (816) 268-4025 or shoot me an email now.

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  1. The Homes for Heroes program is awesome, it provides so much help for those who work so hard for little in return.

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