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VA Loans and Homes for Heroes help veterans with mortgages

Are you like my family and have a pile of coupons or ads displaying the best ‘deals’ of Christmas sitting to the side of your desk, waiting for you to redeem them as you Christmas shop? Whether it’s the $10 Kohl’s cash or the BOGO coupon for […]

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VA Loans Unlimited Use

Some benefits may only be used once. You know this if you’ve used a Groupon recently. Coupons, certificates, favors – things that bring benefits often expire after redeemed one time. That’s not the case with a VA loans Unlimited Use benefit though. If you’ve served in the […]

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What is a DD214?

If you’ve begun looking into using your VA benefits to buy a house, you might be seeing a request for a DD214 form. If you have no clue about this form or don’t think you have one – don’t panic. Let us help guide you through. If […]

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