VA Loans Never Expires.


Unlike milk, the VA Loan never expires.

The VA Loan Never Expires.

Some things expire.



Pizza coupons.

However some things don’t expire. For example, the VA Loan never expires.

What is the VA Loan?

If you’ve ever been in the military, you might be eligible for the VA loan. Yes, even if you served in Vietnam some time ago. Or, if you signed up right out of high school because college wasn’t right for you just quite yet. The VA loan is a program offered by the Federal government to those who’ve been in the service. It’s one of the VA programs available that offers big advantages when it comes time to buy real estate. And even if your “day job” requires you to sit in a cubicle now rather than trek the sands of Afghanistan – this loan program could still apply to you.

Check your eligibility for the VA loan.

How to use the VA Loan

If you’re interested in using your VA loan benefits to buy a house, please contact me. As a VA loan specialist, I can walk you through the process and help you get the paperwork you’ll need. It’s relatively simple when you have a professional VA mortgage expert coaching you along the way. Notice I said professional –  not drill sergeant.

The VA loan advantages are many – zero down payment is required, no mortgage insurance (PMI), relaxed credit requirements. However another feature many don’t realize is that the VA loan benefit NEVER EXPIRES. It’s not a one-and-done situation where if you use the VA loan benefit to buy your first house, you can never use it again. Nope – not at all.

If you’re moving your primary residence, you can always use the VA loan to finance your property. No expiration date. No limits on the number of time it’s used. As long as the house you’re buying is where you’ll call “home” you should be good to go.

Help with your VA Loan

So if you’re eligible and ready to get started – give us a call at (816) 268-4025. We can help anyone in Arizona,Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Virginia. While the VA loan benefits will never spoil or get stale – they’re way too good to pass up because the VA Loan Never Expires.

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I had been under the impression that the VA Loan was a one-time deal, but this really does change things!

  2. Happy to read that there are services honoring our veterans by offering them financial assistance. Their time spent giving us our freedom is worthy of our help now.

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