A Tribute – The Real Meaning of Memorial Day

Today is a really special day for me. During most days I help men and women secure home loans so they can buy a house and build a dream. I love helping everyone get into a home loan, but I especially have a strong passion for assisting veterans with the VA loan process. I consider it a personal mission to give back to those who have given so much for our freedom. So on Memorial Day weekend I cannot help but salute those who’ve served our country, and especially those who lost their lives in the process.

American Flags-memorial-day-tribute

It only takes a few seconds to get goosebumps after you drive down 2nd street in Lee’s Summit and see all of the American flags lining the cemetery blowing in the wind. Photos of memorials and those paying tribute to those who’ve passed away, particularly in the line of duty, have already begun popping up on Facebook, and I expect there will be even more activity as the day goes on.

I was doing a little bit of research on Memorial Day history and realized that there are some initiatives in process to reclaim Memorial Day as a day to honor veterans who lost their lives while serving in war. Originally, the holiday was observed in the late 1800s for victims of the Civil War on May 30. Over the years it’s been expanded to remember all veterans of all wars and moved to the last Monday of the month (accompanied with its own host of reasons why it should be moved back to May 30.) This day is rich with history involving red poppies and special flag tributes on the gravesides of lost soldiers, as well as parades across the nation.

Maybe it’s just me, or the growing popularity of Facebook, but it seems like I’ve seen more posts this year about the “true meaning” of Memorial Day and an encouragement to honor those who’ve fought for our freedom. Maybe those pushing Congress for assistance with returning to the “real meaning” of Memorial Day are beginning to make strides. Maybe after the constant headlines and updates of overseas activity the past several years, people are beginning to see just how much our men and women in the military sacrifice for us. Whatever the reason, people are seeming to turn their focus to veterans today and I’m thankful for it. We owe so much to these brave individuals. Most of us will never be able to comprehend what they’ve sacrificed and have experienced. And while I may not have the front lines perspective, I’m thankful to know many who have survived and gone on to live the life of freedom they deserve. My life, liberty and pursuit of happiness depends on the sacrifice of those who have and haven’t returned home. And on today, I want to remember that and not take it for granted. I cannot thank our veterans enough.

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